2019 Wrap It in Ridgeland Holiday Gift Guide

1. For the movie buff who likes to nosh with a cocktail:

2. For the animal lover in your life:

3. For that friend who needs some live-action adventure in their life:

4. For the one who loves all things vintage:

5. For the person that likes their java fast, friendly and flavorful:

6. For the one who gives you the warm and fuzzies:

7. For the art lover who’s also into old school vinyl:

8. For the apple of your eye:

9. For the fashion forward football fan:

10. For the wired person who prefers to remain wireless (and magical):

11. For the one who craves Carolina-Style BBQ (probably the oldest form of American barbecue):

12. For the one with a fur baby:

13. For the fisherman that needs to keep it reel:

14. For the friend that likes to wok and roll:

15. For the craftaholic on your list:

16. For when you need to say ‘Happy Holidays’ with flowers:

17. For the one on your list who’s healthy and wholesome:

18. For the smart cookie in your life:

19. For your Southern girl who loves her pearls:

20. For the one that floats your boat: